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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most common questions we are asked about polished and stained concrete. In reality, every project has unique characteristics. For the best possible answer we invite you to contact one of our polished concrete consultants.


What are the color and design options?

Within reason, there are unlimited options for designs, patterns and colors. There are also options to manage any level of luster or shine. Aside from colors, there are templates for intricate designs and patterns.

How does cost of satined concrete compare to tile?

Generally speaking stained concrete will cost less than a quality ceramic tile floor. Obviously there are many variables that affect price. Stained concrete is particularly more economical when an intricate design is desired. For more information you can visit the following link to explore flooring cost comparisons.

What type of maintenance is required for stained concrete?

Firstly, a good maintenance plan is the secret to having a concrete floor that lasts 10 or more years (before needing a professional polishing). Frequent dust mopping removes what would otherwise become an abrasive that will expedite surface wear under foot traffic. Additionally you shold promptly clean up spills. A periodic mopping using clean water works wonders. It's worth noting that many common cleaners should never be used, as they will harm the finish. Do not use acid based cleaners or degreasers such as ZEP, PineSol, Lysol, etc.

How long does stained and dyed concrete coloring last?

It varies, depending upon a number of factors. The type of finish (acid-based stain, water-based-stain, dyes, clear seal coats, etc.) and surface wear are the top factors affecting longevity. If you take care of your polished concrete floors they will maintain a great look for many years. Our consultants can present you with information on the durability of stained concrete.

Can you stain or dye older concrete floors?

Yes. Older concrete typically requiress a certain amount of surface grinding to "open up" the concrete surface. Grinding also can remove old floor paint, adhesives and some staines. As part of our services we can repair cracks, and work to level the concrete surface.

Can you polish and stain my floors without disrupting my business?

Yes. Generally speaking it is possible to do our work when your business is closed. An example of minor disruptions is a customer wanting the entire floor polished or colored, and needing to move shelving. Our work does not take an extremely long time to do moved items can usually be reset within 1-2 days.